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Sea delivery

Translogistics has been successfully performing international sea delivery in any directions for a long time. This is an indispensable way to deliver any goods at long ranges all over the world which is particularly important for the companies doing business in the regions where land and air transportation are financially inconvenient.

The most popular way of sea cargo transportation is sea container transportation. Also the following transportation types can be named: bulk sea cargo transportation (transportation of large batches of granular substances and materials (sand, salt, rice, coals or fertilizers) and Ro-Ro transportation (a logistics term derived from roll on/roll-off meaning transportation of machinery able to roll on and off in self-propelled mode).

In most cases, sea transportation is a part of a multimodal route by which the goods travels only a part of its distance. At least two types of transport are involved: from the loading port to the destination port and then the goods is transported to the consignee’s warehouse by trucks or railway transport. Therefore, sea delivery is a complex technological process including a number of measures on cargo traffic and delivery. It implies negotiations, selection of the optimal route, executing required documentation, tracking the vessel’s route and control of the cargo’s storage at port warehouses, payment for the contractors’ services and other measures which the experts of Translogistics take over.

  • transportation in 20’, 40’, 40’ high cube containers;
  • transportation in 20’, 40’ refrigeration containers;
  • transportation of irregular goods in flat rack and open top containers;
  • consolidated goods delivery (LCL);
  • developing optimal routes for cargo transportation via major sea trade ports of the world;
  • customs clearance of goods at ports;
  • delivering goods with trucks to/from sea ports;
  • cargo insurance;
  • informing the customer on the course of the works implementation.

Please contact our experts for all necessary information on possibilities of sea cargo transportation