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Air delivery

Air delivery

Air delivery is a quick, convenient and, in some cases, the only way of cargo transportation.

The long-year experience of Translogistics allows to solve a number of problems on air delivery organization. Such transportation is considered the quickest way to deliver goods. They are essential for quickest intercontinental cargo transportation. The convenience of air delivery is unquestionable: cargo’s integrity, the minimum risk of slow delivery, timely cargo delivery.

We render package delivery services:

  • International air delivery
  • Domestic air delivery
  • Combined delivery

International air delivery

Translogistics renders services of air delivery of the goods imported to the Russian Federation. We combine them with services of customs clearance and declaring goods in international airports of Vladivostok and Moscow (Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo) and forwarding the goods to the customer’s warehouse.

Domestic air delivery

Air cargo services in Russia, due to the size of the country’s territory, are one of the optimal solutions of delivery, speed and quality combined. The cost of air delivery is a next-higher order to the cost of land or sea transportation. But the delivery speed and price ratio is important. Translogistics will take over all care on delivery of your cargo: from collecting it at the dispatching point to delivery to the warehouse at the destination point.

Combined delivery

In certain cases, cargo cannot be transported with a single type of transport taking into account the size of the Russian Federation’s territory or due to the necessity to reduce costs. In such cases, air delivery is combined with land delivery by trucks. Such combined delivery is convenient not only due to its cost but also thanks to the possibility of quick customs clearance of the goods. Combined delivery is an integral part of supply chain in multimodal transportations. The experts of Translogistics will help arrange air delivery and the further truck delivery of your cargo from any country to a temporary storage warehouse.