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Customs clearance

Translogistics renders any services connected with customs clearance:

  • consultation services;
  • selection of Harmonized Code System;
  • provisional calculation of customs payments;
  • assistance and recommendations in document preparation;
  • obtaining the required permits (certificates, licenses, etc.);
  • preparation of declarations for goods;
  • accompanying declarations for goods at customs points;
  • performing inspections and checks;
  • performing expert evaluations.

We work equally efficiently with diverse customs regimes: import, export and transit. We will consult you on the issues of customs payments optimization and if necessary can defend our decisions at court.

The company’s employees are experts with long-term practice and experience of work with diverse goods. Their high professional level can be proved by qualification certificates of customs clearance experts.

In our work, we extensively use the latest technical achievements: databases, specialized software for customs payment calculation and declaration preparation.

Provisional calculation of customs payments’ amounts

Provisional calculation of customs payments is a pre-requisite for evaluation of a foreign trade transaction.
To calculate the payments to be made at the customs point with maximum precision, our experts will need the entire information about the goods including the lot’s weight, volume and cost.
Price list for customs services

Customs clearance for cargoes in Vladivostok: don’t make a mistake choosing a service company

Diverse goods from all parts of the world, rich in range, different in their type and parameters, are arriving to Vladivostok every second. Motor cars, advanced equipment, diverse up-to-date machinery and many other goods are delivered. Forwarding companies render a wide range of services in Vladivostok as well as through their branches located in other regions of Russia. This is why it’s very important to choose a company to perform all stages of goods transportation including customs clearance in Vladivostok. Document execution is quite a complicated stage which is better be entrusted to experts.

Companies offer different services relating to customs clearance in Vladivostok. Everything begins with making an agreement when your interests are represented by a forwarding agent and a customs dealer. The company you’ve chosen will declare the goods. It also will pay all necessary fees and duties; you will be presented all required documents and receipts. Then the documents for the goods are executed and the goods are prepared for the further transportation. The documents should also be prepared for domestic and customs transit.

Only professionals perform customs clearance in Vladivostok. Experts in the field of imported, transit and exported goods execute such documents. All experts have special certificates allowing them to work in this field.

Vladivostok is a city providing the Russian markets with most products. Many companies perform customs clearance in Vladivostok. They will try to execute all necessary documents for you as soon as possible. The cost of services may vary. In any case, payment to the experts performing customs clearance in Vladivostok competently is always reasonable.

The service of customs documents execution becomes more popular, as the trade of diverse goods is constantly developing. Today, any product, from a motor car to a perfume, can be delivered from Asian countries. Using the services of customs dealers in Vladivostok saves your time and money.

The forwarding and logistics company will certainly consult you on the price of such service and on all issues of your concern. You will be told where and how the service performance can be controlled and how the required documents will be executed.

There are goods requiring excise duty payment when transiting Vladivostok. Mainly, such products include high-demand goods. All categories of goods and cargoes crossing the state border require customs clearance. Sometimes hazardous cargoes transit Vladivostok which are controlled most carefully. In clearance of such goods, many circumstances depend on the cargo’s hazard category, package reliability and other factors; therefore, you cannot manage without the assistance of professional customs dealers and logistics and forwarding companies.

таможенное оформлениеPractical wisdom will tell you that it’s preferable to choose a logistics company for the goods’ customs clearance in Vladivostok. This is feasible and safe. Vladivostok has traditionally been an important cargo and passenger port connecting the strategically important Trans-Siberian Railway and Pacific shipping routes.

The cargo turnover of Vladivostok port has grown by almost 15% for the first six month of 2013 compared with the similar period of the previous year. The main items of import were medicines, food products, clothes, shoes and domestic appliances. The export items are fish and seafood, timber, iron and non-ferrous metals, ships. The convenient geographical location of Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port in the Pacific Rim makes Vladivostok a major transshipment location for the goods shipped from Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.