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Cross-border logistics outsourcing

Outsourcing is transferring certain business processes or production functions for another company to perform specializing in the corresponding field, in particular, in cross-border logistics, under an agreement. As opposed to service and support services having onetime, incidental, random nature and limited with a beginning date and an end date, the functions of professional continuous performance support are usually outsourced under a long-term (one year or more) contract. Mainly, the companies whose business is connected with foreign economy resort to cross-border logistics outsourcing services.
Translogistics has been rendering the services of a cross-border logistics agent for more than 11 years. We work equally efficiently with diverse customs regimes: import, export and transit. Purchasing this service from us, you save time for search and purchase of any goods in the country you are interested in. We take over the payments to the supplier, the goods’ delivery and all nuances of its customs clearance.

  • Search of a partner in a foreign country
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Making and support of foreign trade contracts
  • Goods transportation organization
  • Customs clearance
  • Competent execution of all transactions in documents

In case of independent work in the field of cross-border logistics, you cannot manage without experts with high proficiency and deep understanding of specific features of cross-border logistics. In addition, you may need to change the established business processes of the organization and accounting policy.
Outsourcing the cross-border logistics services to Translogistics, not only do you release yourself from the necessity to employ expensive experts but also reduce the risk of unforeseen situations occurring.

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