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Customers’ reviews

Evgeniya Kim
General director of Auto Alliance LLC
Auto Alliance LLC would like to express its gratitude and respect for fruitful cooperation to all employes of Translogistics. Throughout 2 years of our cooperation, we have been noticing the professional approach and serious consultation support in the field of customs law, prompt attention in customs clearance of our cargoes, timely submission of all necessary documents. We would like to express our special gratitude to Natalya Shuvalova and Elena Kosareva. We hope for the further cooperation.

Kutlovsky O. V.
General director of Intertech LLC
Dear sirs and mesdames, on behalf of Intertech LLC, I would like to thank the Translogistics team for mutually beneficial cooperation and well-doing partner relationships shown in the course of our cooperation. I hope that you will keep your reliability and good reputation in future. We would like to express our frank gratitude for your diligent approach, mutual understanding, and good working contacts between our companies. We wish you success in business, economic and financial prosperity, and strengthening of relationships for the benefit of our companies. We shall have great pleasure in development of our cooperation and mutual understanding.

Bazhenov D. B.
General director of TD RusTrans LLC
Our cooperation with Translogistics lasts for about 8 years now. Throughout all this time, our cooperation has been exceedingly pleasant and mutually beneficial. Translogistics can be deservedly proud of its qualified employees who have many times helped us solve most complicated problems every time proving the reliability of the partner we had chosen in the field of international cargo delivery and customs clearance. TD RusTrans LLC would like to thank Translogistics for its perfect work and hopes for the further fruitful cooperation!

Radchenko A. Yu.
General director of Pacific Ocean Cigars Company LLC
Pacific Ocean Cigars Company LLC would like to express its deep gratitude to Translogistics for fruitful and successful cooperation, perfect organization of customs cargo delivery process and customs clearance. It was very pleasant to experience the promptness and competent attitude to work from your employees throughout the entire period of our cooperation. I would like to highly note Natalya Shuvalova. Her professionalism and deep expertise allowed to reduce the period of works and cut costs significantly. We hope for the further succesful development of our business relationships. We wish you and your company new achievements and financial prosperity!

Bocharov I. S.
Executive director of LYUR LLC
Since 2010, LYUR LLC has been utilizing services of Translogistics in the field of consolidated goods import from the countries of South-East Asia (Taiwan, PRC, Japan, etc.). For the period of or cooperation, the company’s employees have proved to be qualified experts capable of arranging the complete cycle of goods delivery: from goods collection from the manufacturer to the customs clearance in Russia. We are pleased with the quality of the company’s services and planning to utilize the Translogistics services in future.

Kim Sang Woo
General director of Orion International Euro LLC
Orion has been cooperating with Translogistics for more than four years. For all this time, our cooperation has given us solid satisfaction and confidence in the future. All matters, issues and insinuations have been solved quickly, with high quality and without excessive moral and material costs. If all Russian companies treated their obligations this way, a full-fledged capitalistic state would have been built in Russia long ago.

Tikhonov v. V.
General director of Podshipnik Standart LLC
Throughout our cooperation with Translogistics (located at office 46, 76 Verkhneportovaya Street, Vladivostok), I can say that this is a very good company putting the greatest emphasis on professionalism and quality of its work. First, quick cargo delivery; second, qualified service; third, politeness of personnel; and this is just a small part of what can be told about the company’s work. Such approach to work is uncommon nowadays. This company has brought us only positive emotions. We can recommend it.

Pak S. E.
Commercial director of Sakhalinremflot CJSC
Translogistics LLC is our partner in cargo delivery, cross-border logistics and customs clearance. For the period of our cooperation, it has proved its high professionalism, competence and activity in solving the tasks set to it. All works are accomplished on time, strictly within the agreed Translogistics terms and with due quality. The company’s personnel manage their duties competently. We are pleased with work of Translogistics and can recommend this company as a reliable and conscientious partner.

Leidner S. P.
General director of Tekhnoplaza Construction Machinery Center
Tekhnoplaza Construction Machinery Center would like to express its deep gratitude to Translogistics LLC for fruitful and successful cooperation, perfect organization of customs cargo delivery process and customs clearance. Throughout the entire period of our cooperation, we have experienced the friendly attitude, maximum promptness and high professionalism. I would like to highly note Natalya Shuvalova and Svetlana Khmel. Their competence and deep expertise allowed to significantly reduce the limits of our mutually beneficial cooperation. We hope for the further succesful development of our business relationships. We wish you and your company new achievements and financial prosperity!