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Delivering Cargoes of Any Complexity

Oversize cargo delivery via Vladivostok

We performed bulldozer oversize cargo delivery in accordance with Russian legislation. Special regulations of oversize cargo delivery using special trucks are applicable to the cases where the cargo’s measurements exceed the values established by law. For instance, the cargo’s height from the road’s surface should not exceed 4m, cargo’s length, 20m, and width, 2.55m. These measurement standards are applied to both loaded and unloaded vehicles. Alongside with the above-said provisions, the individual features of each cargo should be taken into account.
The accomplished project

Hydraulic drill rigs

Complex oversize cargo delivery of hydraulic drill rigs via Vladivostok are performed primarily with lowbed platforms. Extra-heavy machinery is towed with special tow cars with three back axles. For more convenient and reliable coupling with the tow car, the front part of machinery has special pedestals. For oversize cargo delivery, the machinery is equipped with extenders which allow to transport crane trucks, pipe layers and tow cars by extending the pad to three meters. For pipe layers and asphalt spreaders’ transportation, a small angle of entrance to the platform is required which is provided by long folding gangways. Oversize cargoes are hoisted with special hydraulic machinery.
The accomplished project

Land levellers

Translogistics has an experience of successful oversize cargo delivery organization: land levellers and other complex custom machinery. Land levellers were transported with heavy-duty trailer trucks. These lowbed trucks have the advantage of high carrying capacity and small entrance angle. It is the small height of heavy-duty trailer trucks that grants manifold possibilities of route choice under overpasses and bridges.

KATO cranes

Support of KATO crane cargo and development of optimal transportation logistics from Translogistics guarantee that this custom machinery will be performed carefully and right on time.


This custom machinery is transported with lowbed trucks equipped with a platform with a special fastening due to which the complex machinery transported can be reliably secured on the platform. Depending on the loaders’ weight, volume and measurements, diverse fastening devices for securing machinery on the platform can be used. If the oversize machinery is transported on a tautliner, it is secured with straps located throughout the platform’s length. In such case, up to three machinery units can be secured on the platform. On tarpaulin semitrailers, loaders are transported otherwise: the machines are fastened to each other and allocated on the platform in a row.

Reach staker delivery

For reach staker transportation, the most logical method is to use special trucks provided for logistics companies by reliable transportation companies. Please contact the experts of Translogistics on the telephone number specified on our website and we will be glad to help you perform cargo transportation of any complexity degree!

Tow car transportation

Nowadays, all kinds of objects, sports facilities, residential buildings, shopping malls are constructed in Russia extensively. Heavy construction machinery is used at such construction sites. Translogistics has successful experience of organizaing transportation of such oversize cargoes as tow cars.

Pipe layer transportation

Ordinary trucks and dump trucks do not fit for oversize cargo’s transportation. For instance, pipe layers are transported with custom machinery: long lowbed platforms.
Oversize cargo transportation via Vladivostok is quite a complicated and labor-intensive process which Translogistics performs successfully. We competently recruit qualified personnel having professional experience of rigging work and carefully develop the cargo’s route.

Crane truck delivery

When transporting crane trucks, many factors should be taken into account: for instance, the inexpectedly arising necessity to eliminate an obstacle: a tree, a stand fixture, a metallic structure blocking the further cargo transportation. Frequently, road patrol service’s cars have to escort the oversize cargo transportation. In addition, competent execution of the entire document package and preparation of the logistic plan of the cargo’s route are important for legal transportation of oversize cargo.